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Approximate Distance: 100 miles Loop 3: Southern NEK

You can make this into a day trip, or if you don’t make any stops, this can be done in a full morning or long afternoon. There are some fantastic scenic overlooks and places to pull off the trail and capture some great photos. Services are plentiful on this loop, no need to worry about the few and far between gas stations. This is one of those loops that I do very often….Happy Trails!

This is a loop that I frequently ride; it’s a fantastic mix of wide open riding and meandering trails.
This is a loop that I frequently ride; it’s a fantastic mix of wide open riding and meandering trails.

Beginning Point: Marty’s in Danville on US Route 2
Distance: 100 Miles
Services: Food and Gas in Danville & Gas in Cabot
Club Areas Covered: Danville S-Ski-Mo’s, Coles Pond Sledders & D&D Grooming, Hardwick Snowflake Ridge Runners, Mountain Tamers, Twinfield Snow Travelers, Buckaroo’s of 302 & Buzzy’s Grooming, and the Cabot Skylighters.
Head North out of Marty’s parking lot and make your first right onto Corridor 51. You will begin your ascent through wide open fields and class IV roads in the S-Ski-Mo’s Country. Once you get to CA 59, continue on 51 to CA 74. This is a fairly new trail that was completed in 2006, named the “Lewis and Clark” Trail by the locals or Corridor 151 maintained by the Coles Pond Sledders. There’s typically high elevation snow in this area and it is usually one of the last places to lose its snow. At CA 69, make a left (continuing on Corridor 151 South) and make a small detour over to the famous Ledges where you will experience a 180 degree view west into the White Mountains. On a clear day, you will see the Presidential range, Mount Washington and of course Burke Mountain and the towns west of Lyndon. This area is called the Steam Mill Brook Wildlife Management Area.
There are two ways back to 15A, I like to take the first left (Corridor 151). The trail is windy and it’s a little longer than the original way up to the lookout. At CA 58, make a right onto 15A and continue past CA 64 (the other trail towards the lookout). The next intersection is CA 60, the beginning of C15, turn right and head towards CA 57 (there’s a camp at the intersection). Turn left and continue on C15, otherwise known as the Old Duke Road and head South. Note of caution, there’s a logging operation towards the end of the road and it’s shared use, take it slow! C15 will take you all the way to the LVRT to CA 112. Hop onto the LVRT (remember there’s a posted speed limit of 35 mph and a curfew between 11pm and 6am) and head to CA 113. Turn left onto C15B to CA 94 onto Corridor 156. You will cross VT Route 15 and head towards Hardwick and will enter the Snowflake Ridge Runners Area. At CA 80, continue going straight, you are now on Corridor 15. Not too far from this intersection is the Hardwick/Woodbury Railbed at CA 52. In the event you need to fill up, take a right (yes, Corridor 14 is now open into Hardwick!). At CA 52, turn left and head south onto Corridor 14, and you will enter into another club area – the Mountain Tamers Snowmobile Club. If you happen to see two yellow labs and a snowshoer make sure you slow down and say hello, you may recognize her! Continue on Corridor 14 to WN 33, stay on 14 to your next intersection at WN 32, where you will take a left on C 14/145. At WN 39, make another left onto Corridor 145, this is a short jaunt to the next intersection, WN 34 where you will take another left at WN 37. Note, this is a new section of trail that was relocated during the fall by the Twinfield Snow Travelers. This trail crosses US Route 2 and skips through a large field before entering the woods and onto the railbed to Lanesboro. At WN 38, make a left onto the railbed, or Corridor 2, and enjoy this nice stretch of wide open riding, typically groomed 20 feet wide. At CA 18, and Corridor 232, you will enter into the Buckaroo’s of 302 area and the trail winds through this beautiful section of the Groton State Forest. As you head North on 232, the trail follows old log roads in large stands of maple and mixed softwoods. You will eventually cross US Route 2 again and enter into the Cabot Skylighters Area. You will have to travel on a section of plowed road after you cross the highway and again after a two-mile stretch of trail on Last Road. Once you get through these two sections of road riding, the trails are yours! For a short break, you can fuel up at the Cabot Store in the Village (At WN 85, take the feeder trail into the village), otherwise to extend your trip, you can loop around the village to WN 81 and back to WN 100, where you will meet Corridor 15. From there, take Corridor 15 North towards Walden. This section of trail is about 5 miles back to the LVRT. At CA111, you will enter the Danville S-Ski-Mo’s territory and it’s truckward bound back to the starting point at Marty’s.

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